15 March 2016

Health Focused Team Planned for Philippines

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Prospective Team Members:

What:  health focused team working in fishing villages with indigenous Dumgat tribes.

Where:  Philippines June 16 – 27, 2016. The general location of the fishing community is Talim island in Laguna de Bay and the indigenous community is Manggahan in Tanay Rizal. 

Hosts: Dr. Grace and Ms. Joy (in-country missionaries) 
They are working out details for the mission with the Ministry of Health and negotiating prices for travel and rooms. 

Cost Estimate (not final yet) $2550.00 ( all inclusive )

Anticipated Health Needs: Stomach issues, allergies, minor infections, and malnutrition

Supplies: We will be collecting over the counter meds, vitamins, and reading glasses. If you have a Sunday school class, men’s, women’s, or youth group that wants to be a part of this mission, have them help put school  and health kits together,  Unfortunately there may be a few people we can’t see at the end of the day. It’s very helpful to give them a kit and vitamins. 

For more information, contact: Beverly Dinnel missionbev@gmail.com
Team Leader

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