22 March 2016

Health Workers Graduate in Senegal

Our Community Health Workers did a fantastic job teaching both adult and infant CPR and Heimlich maneuver and we judged that they were in fact ready for Prime Time. 

After lunch, each group of three CHWS presented their skit for demonstrating their share of the skill set to great applause.  Finally we had our closing ceremony with certificates, prayers, heartfelt thanks all around, and lots and lots of photos.  
The CHWS provided a list of topics they would like to cover on our next visit, ranging from hypertension to cervical cancer to tetanus! It was quite a tall order!

Our team was very moved by the gratitude of our students and the entire experience of doing the training.  It has been a challenging week, with many "ups and downs" but I believe everyone considers it a rousing success. Twenty five people in Dakar and Theis can now be first responders and if even one life is saved (and I believe it likely that we will hear of one before we return next year) it will have been worth the trip.

Carol Meynen, M.D 

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