15 April 2016

Dindi, Zimbabwe Water Crisis

Dindi is the 4th clinic that The Nydire Connection proposes to upgrade & expand. Community United Methodist Church, Crofton, MD, Susan and Jim Foley, and other expected donors are giving to alleviate Dindi's water crisis. District Superintendent Henry Chareka and Rev. Austern Chepiri are heading up a team in Zimbabwe that is preparing a detailed plan/proposal for two boreholes. The following story is an excerpt from a UMCOM article written by Eveline Chikwanah.
The Dindi United Methodist Mission Centre was established in 1934.
The center, which has a clinic and primary and secondary schools, 
has always faced water shortages, since it is located in a naturally 
dry region of Zimbabwe. The current clinic was built in 2005 by the 
Community United Methodist Church of Crofton, Maryland. The church
is also spearheading efforts to drill two new boreholes at the mission,
one at the clinic and another at the school.
Dindi Mission is grappling with an acute water shortage as the lone borehole
 fails to cope with demand from the United Methodist center and the 
neighboring community.
“I was shocked by the children digging in the river bed and decided to take
 the photos to show my colleagues, one of whom posted on Facebook,” said
 Pastor Luckymore Mudzengerere, Dindi station chairperson.
“I was concerned when I saw how they were endangering their lives in the
 quest for water and also risking their health by drinking dirty water from the 
riverbed,” Mudzengerere said.

Charlie Moore, leader of the Community United Methodist Church ZIM-VIM 
team, said in order to provide adequate water, the mission center needs two 
boreholes — one at the clinic and one downhill at the school. He said they 
have already begun fundraising and have a total of $16,000 in hand. The ZIM-VIM
Team has already contributed $8,000 and another $8,000 has been contributed by 
Gourley and McCann. 

Donations for the boreholes needed at the Dindi United Methodist Mission can be made through Community United Methodist Church. Make your check payable to CUMC and put Dindi Water Project in the memo line. Donations can be mailed to Community United Methodist Church, 1690 Riedel Road, Crofton, Md., 21114. For more information, e-mail Charlie Moore at cmoore@telatlantic.net.

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