16 June 2016

Restoring Vision: A Source for Sun and Reading Glasses

Background of Restoring Vision:
Restoring Vision is a large, non-profit provider of new, high quality reading and sunglasses.  The company  partners with charitable organizations who go overseas to dispense glasses to people so they can read and work again.  
According to the WHO, 500 million people in developing countries need reading glasses but have no access to them.  The ability to restore focus can makes a difference. Studies show that recipients' income increases by 20%, when improved vision helps those in need return to work, states Marilyn Lapsley, of Restoring Vision. 

These glasses are also great in giving non professionals e.g. volunteers, students, spouses etc., the opportunity to volunteer by dispensing glasses to low resource communities.  No professional experience is needed; Restoring Vision supplies tips and tools for dispensing. 

The glasses are sorted by power in 25 pair bags.  A standard box contains 500 readers (there are smaller sizes as well) of low, medium and high powers designed for your typical mission group.  We are flexible in terms of numbers/powers etc. In order to manage our expenses we have a nominal charge of 50 cents per pair.  However, we have "packages" that can reduce those fees to 45 cents per pair.  While most of our partners bring the glasses with them on their missions, we also work with larger organizations that can ship the glasses.

Over 5 M glasses distributed since 2003

222 Ridgewood Drive
San Rafael, California 94901 
Phone 561-641-4703
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