02 July 2016

NCJ Offers Health Workshops at Round-Up August 4-7

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Community Based Primary Health Care (CBPHC)
Community Based Primary Health Care (CBPHC): 101 and 201.Two workshops offered at RoundUP , led by Jeremy Basset and Carol Meyen, veteran team leaders!!

CBPHC is not just a band aid approach to health care but a comprehensive approach involving the local community in assessing their own health needs (including but not limited to access to good food, clean water, doctors and clinics, and sanitation and agricultural practices).  Working with the local community, the health care team prioritizes needs and works on these areas. This is a ministry "with" not "for" and takes longer, more thought and planning, but the outcomes are much more sustainable than regular medical teams going in once a year.  Consider it like a disaster : charity (in the beginning) = medical teams vs long term recovery = CBPHC!  

Principles of Community Based Primary Health Care
  • Addresses root causes of illness such as poverty, lack of clean water and sanitation, ignorance, poor nutrition.
  • Health should be attainable, accessible, sustainable by people in their own communities
  • Health is a state of complete physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being, not just the absence of disease
  • People in communities can and should be responsible for their own health
  • Health system needs to be based in the community it serves.
  • Community health workers are the usual key to health care delivery.
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