15 August 2016

World Travel Update for Dr.s and Their Patients

Dr. Sylvia Reimer and Dr. Roger Boe, long-time United Methodist medical volunteers, have recommended a July 21st New England Journal of Medicine article for physicians to use as a guide when preparing their patients' for international travel.

The article, entitled " Medical Considerations Before International Travel" by Freedman, Chen and Kozarsky, contains eight main sections:

  1. Pre-Travel Consultation
  2. Vaccinations
  3. Malaria Prevention
  4. Other Arthropod-borne diseases
  5. Travelers' Diarrhea'
  6. Altitude Illness
  7. Thrombosis
Although the article is written for a physician audience, it contains helpful and clearly stated information for team leaders and volunteers who are preparing for a mission journey.  To access the article go to www.nejm.org and search for the article by title, listed above.

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful document and much needed in today's world of travel