14 September 2016

Health Guides Used for Literacy

(Excerpt from Hesperian Foundation E-mail- for more information go to:www.hesperian.org/)

After a hard day of working in the fields in Honduras, a group of men and women sit in the shade of a Guanacaste tree and pass around a copy of Donde no hay doctor. Each person takes a turn reading a sentence out loud, slowly and painstakingly sounding out the words about fevers and malaria while the rest of the group listens intently. After the group makes its way through the page, the teacher -- a young woman volunteer -- asks them to talk about what they have read. Is malaria common here? What time of year is it worst? What do people do to prevent it? The group begins an animated discussion, adding their own knowledge to what they have just read, proud to be improving the information and making it more useful. Most of them could not read nor write their names a few months before.

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