27 February 2017

A Palestinian UMVIM Journey

 About 20 years ago, I visited Palestine and Israel. Recently my husband and I decided to make a return visit in order to know about United Methodist connections with Arab Christians in the region.

Although there is now enforced separation between Palestinian Arabs and Jews, we traveled to Holy sites and among the Arab regions of the Palestinian Authority.  There we visited many Arab led community service initiatives.  We were inspired by the Arab ingenuity in creating programs for their disadvantaged women, mentally handicapped young people,  preschoolers and residents in an inner city refugee camp.
Elias and Issa Gharib with Elias' son, George

Our tour was led by Grace Tours, run by Arab Christian brothers, Issa and Elias Ghareeb.  Grace Tours is the preferred agency recommended by the United Methodist Board of Global Ministries and works closely with Rev. Kristen Brown, Board of Global Ministries Missionary and Liaison to Palestine and Israel.

An impressive program was Alrowwad for Culture.  Visit their link to view explanations about their programs focused on arts, media, women's issues, education and environment /health.

The Al Malath Charitable Society provides rehabilitation, education, training and care for youth with mental disabilities so they can achieve their full potential.

Another similar UMVIM Journey is being planned for the period around September/October, 2017.  The experience offers both innumerable Christian Holy Site visits and an opportunity to learn more about the determination and positive resolve of Arab Christians in the region.

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