10 February 2017

News Items from South Central Jurisdiction

Sager Brown Kit Request
Because of your generosity, we at UMCOR Sager Brown, have been able to replenish our inventory of disaster relief supplies and place ourselves in a better position to respond to disasters. Although our inventory has increased, we are still in need of health and bedding kits. If you and your congregation are able to assist with this request, that would truly be a blessing. As you are aware, crisis can occur anywhere, at any time. We want to be prepared to answer the call should our brothers and sisters need us. For information about the construction of these kits, please visit our website at www.umcor.org/reliefsupplies.

Teams / Members Needed

Nicaragua: Macon UMC will travel to Nicaragua July 30-August 5th. They will work construction with the Rainbow Network and provide some medical assistance as well. If you feel led to be a part of this contact Scott Burdin via email or by phone at 660-676-3454.

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