14 March 2017

Nicaraguan UMVIM Journey - Also posted on "Team Openings" Page

Here’s a link to our initial posting about a Nicaraguan Journey. http://hydeparkumc.org/?s=nicaragua

This trip will be from Oct. 28 – Nov. 4, 2017. The cost is $1,400 inclusive from Tampa, FL.  This will be our group's 11th trip to Leon, Nicaragua where we serve under the direction of an NGO, El Ayudante.  www.nicamissions.com. Medical personnel are welcome to join us and serve alongside the medical professionals there.  

There will be opportunities to provide education to pregnant teenagers, construction, and tutoring and Bible school type activities. Whatever skills a person has, there will be a way to use them in the service of the community.  Also, we have a team that goes out delivering water filters and food packages in the mornings, and anyone can do that.  We ask if we can pray with people, so a willingness to pray is the only skill needed for that. 

For those interested in the Florida area, there will be monthly team building meetings.  Typically,  a $500 deposit is due by June 1, a second $500 deposit by July 1, and then airline tickets will be purchased in July.

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