08 July 2017

Belize Welcomes UMVIM Teams

Health Related Teams Welcome in Belize
(English is spoken there)

For more information or to schedule an UMVIM mission journey,
please contact the U.M. Global Missionaries in the region, Rev. Jamie and Lisa Williams at

Our objectives of UMVIM in Belize:
  • To build, maintain and support the schools and churches associated with the MCCA of Belize
  • To support the evangelism, outreach and spiritual formation for the Belize MCCA as well as to encourage general overall well being for Belizeans both a part of the MCCA as well as those outside of the fold of the MCCA.
  • To provide opportunities for cultural interaction between Belizeans and individuals from the USA.
  • To provide medical care (Ophthalmic, dental and general medical services) primarily in underserved areas of Belize

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