Health Teaching Apps for Tablets, Smart Phones

The person who is involved with health teaching activities can now bring innovative apps to low resource areas.  These can aid in the explanation of health concepts.  With the help of a small projector, an adapter cord and a smart phone, tablet or lap-top, high tech teaching methodologies can be delivered to community health workers and others in poor communities.  Many apps are available in multiple languages.  Here are a few free recommendations:

National Library of Medicine Mobile Resources
"The National Library of Medicine (NLM) in Bethesda, Md., is a part of the National Institutes of Health, US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).  The NLM provides assistance and training nationwide.  To ind a local library call 800-338-7657.  Websites of many mobile resources are available online at

New Medical Chart App  "NotesFirst"  Now Available
NotesFirst is an encrypted mobile app and cloud service providing:
  • Continuity of care and tracking of patient follow-up treatment
  • Offline capable data entry in any remote location
  • Promotes collaboration with local doctors and healthcare providers
To get a 1 year free subscription:
  1. Download the "notes first" app from iTunes
  2. Go to to create and account. Complete your account registration by checking your email for the validation link.
  3. Go to to log in and click "Account Information"
  4. Enter the coupon code DERBY and a valid credit card to obtain a free 1 year subscription and cloud service.
  5. Your credit card will NOT be charged during this process.
"First Aid" and Disaster Response Apps by American Red Cross: (search "mobile apps")
These apps are available for I-Pads, I-Phones and Androids in Spanish and English.  They offer basic information and provide coaching for topics on Allergies/Anaphylaxis, Asthma, Bleeding, Fractures, Burns, Choking, Diabetic Emergency, Distress, Ebola, Heart Attack, Head Injury, Heat Stroke, Hypothermia, Meningitis, Poisoning, Seizures, Shock, Stings, Sprains, Unconscious breathing and not breathing The Disaster apps address various types of disasters and situations.

NEW!  Instant Heart Rate App by Azumio, Inc.
detects heart rate when finger-tip is placed over the camera light on I-phone.  Free from the on-line App store. Not yet available for Androids

Hesperian Foundation:  Safe Pregnancy and Birth Version 1.0, 2011  is an app for mobile phones that covers health maintenance during pregnancy, danger signs during pregnancy, danger signs during birth and a "how to" section that prompts and can help the village health worker with problem solving. Click on the Hesperian Foundation link in right-hand column of this blog or click here to see a preview. A notice went out on 3/28/13 that this app is now available in both English and Spanish.


1.  "Where There is No Dr." has just been published as an e-book for Kindle for purchase.  Hesperian announces that this important health teaching manual will also be released soon for other brand e-reader tablets.  For more information, go to: .
Hesperian Digital Tools Overview:
  • Free PDF books
  • Health Teaching images
  • Health Wiki resources in 10 languages
2.  "Helping Children Who are Deaf and Children Who Are Blind" 
Even we find it hard to believe that literally millions of people are visiting Hesperian's HealthWiki. And to attract and serve even more, it's important to keep adding new content, in new languages. To that end we are excited to announce that Helping Children Who Are Deaf has just gone online in French and Lao! Explore this title in all 6 languages in which it is now available: EnglishSpanishVietnameseChineseFrench, and Lao. And if that isn't enough, check out Helping Children Who Are Blind which has also just been released in French in the HealthWiki.

The French editions of Helping Children Who Are Deaf and Helping Children Who Are Blind will soon be available for purchase in our online bookstore, so look out for that announcement, as it's just around the corner! These two titles provide accessible and engaging materials and information for parents, caretakers, and service providers who work with children who have vision or hearing disabilities. 

CDC - "Solve the Outbreak" App:  The Centers for Disease Control has just released this free app for the iPad.  It allows users to participate in a game that involves decisions to discover the cause of an outbreak.  The fictional situations involve settings in the U.S. and places such as Kenya.  The goal is to use social media to educate the public about diseases and to promote an appreciation for public health work.  This is also an excellent exercise for use with Community Health Workers.  This app can be downloaded to an iPad by visiting the "App Store" on an iPad and typing in "Solve the Outbreak app" or by clicking Here . This App is also available for Androids from by searching "CDC Apps".

Eight other health related Apps can be found on the following topics: vaccines, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Epinephrine, Fluenza, Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Diet.

Dental Story for Children:  "The Mutans War" this app, available for iPad, is a free download from the iPad App store.  It is a charming story in either read to me or with text so a child could read it.  It is a story about a family that only eats candy and sweets.  The "Mutans" come to visit them at night and cause toothaches. The story has a happy ending when their problems are corrected by a visit to the dentist.  Available in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

iBrush - Available from the Apple "app store".  This is an interactive application that requires the user to use their fingers to apply a brushing action to yellowed teeth. The activity is timed for 60 seconds and reveals white teeth at the conclusion of the activity.

Anatomy Applications:

1.  Living Lung by iSO-FORM -  This is a three dimensional application that shows a completely movable lung.  Side panel shows lung volume that changes as breaths per minute is adjusted.  Lobes of lung are depicted in different colors, and each component of the chest cavity can be viewed separately or as a whole.  To download to iPad, type in "Living Lung" in the search field of the Apple App store.

2.  Skeletal Applications by ISO-FORM - may be found in both Android and Apple versions from the site of and the on-line Apple Apps store.  These include "Bone-box; Skull, Spine and Foot Viewer.

2.  Human Atlas by Blausen Medical Communications -   The free portion of this app includes 5 brief videos that show the anatomy and explain the physiology of Asthma, Delivery, Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Stroke.  In addition the app offers both female and male anatomical views that can be moved, turned and enlarged.  An excellent teaching tool.  Other applications of the major body systems are for sale and are available in British, Castilian, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish and Turkish.

3. Human Anatomy -  Free app downloadable from the App Store for tablet.  Show both male and female anatomy and close ups of all the main body systems.  Does not offer 3-D movement of models.

4. Artistic renderings of many different aspects of human anatomy and biology.  Designed for use with a tablet.

Other "Tech" Education Options:
  • Games for Health has designed on-line games to provide information about global health issues
  • ABC, The global Alliance for Food and Nutrition and Facebook have produced a game, "1000 Days Facebook Game at
  • Gaming for Social Change at  has designed and location-tested in Asia a game entitled, "Half the Sky",  which explores decision-making skills that interface with cultural habits and health that can be played on a smart phone.
  • The World of Global Health Games is another resource at  

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